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Old Gods Do New Jobs

I Was An Arsehole In My Previous Life As Well

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Andy Raff
10 August
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England.Edinburgh. Germany. Bawtry. England. Northwood. Netherlands. Buckinghamshire. Cosford. Devon. Sunderland. Sunderland. Sunderland. Hatfield. RAF Brat. Student. Waster. Civil Servant. Waster. Call Centre Worker. Waster. Post Office Employee. Waster. I also have a beard, which is protean in nature.

Terror Alert Level

Regards to thomryng from whose info I stole this.
aberrant, ape flicking, arguing, ars magica, bestiality, butchering optimists, butchering optomerists, cannibalism, ccg, chandler bing, computer rpgs, dungeons and dragons, empire, exalted, george r r martin, grand design, h p lovecraft, humpty dumpty, john carpenter, jokes about eating children, leather underwear, linkin park, live roleplaying, lrp, maelstrom, mage:the awakening, murdering annoying people, neil gaiman, nitpicking, not being a goth, nwo, odc, oddessey, opportunistic nihilism, paranoia, rejuvenation through nihilistic rage, roleplaying, sam harbers genitals, selected comics, shouting, stalking women, stealing pensioners underwear, terry pratchett, the last king, we're all gonna die, whining, writing bad poetry, zombies

Social capital

  • less than 10